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        • Hunan Pingfan Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.
        Company Resume
        Your present position:About Us>>Company Resume
        • Hunan Pingfan Technology Co.,Ltd,(also named Changsha Pingfan Instrument and Meter Co.,Ltd ) is a high and new technology company who founded base on Hunan Instrument and Meter Co., Ltd,(the enterprise was directly subordinated to the former Machinery Ministry), locates at Hunan Lugu International Medical Equipment Industrial Park Building B2, Guyuan Road No.2, Gaoxin Zone, Changsha City, Hunan Province, PR China. It is the famousenterprise that has the factory buildings which applied with the standard of GMR manufactures the centrifuge and laboratory instrument. What more it is the firstenterprise who certified by the ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003, CE, CQC as well as the standing member of China Instrument Association, the standing member of Hunan Medical Instrument Association, and the drafting member of National Centrifuge Standard.

          Our Company has its own core technology, has been 14 independent intellectual property rights, strong scientific research strength, constantly introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, pioneered a new generation of intelligent high performance at high speed centrifuge, low speed centrifuge, realizing the brushless motor series, implements the specialized products and technology in the domestic leading position.

          Our Company has an area of 3000 square meters, with 10 sets of processing center processing workshops, 6sets of assembly line, set up R&Dcenter, central laboratory, in the domestic large and medium-sized city set up marketing service network. Our products are sold well all over the world, exported to Europe, southeast Asia and Africa, etc.

          Pingfan instrument, special products, based on strong domestic status, face to the world.Our serive teners "Quality first, excellence, fidelity based,and consumerism" .continuous innovation, towards the world is the goal of the company, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen, We promise to provide every user fast and sincere quality service. Welcome to our Company.

        Address: Hunan International medical equipmnet Industrial Park Building B2,guyuan Road No.229,Gaoxin Zone,changsha city ,hunan province

        Telephone: 0731-88137459 88818974

        Fax: 0731-88818974

        Zip code: 410205

        Website: www.www.xgajsy.com

        Email : ping@pinglxj.com

        Copyright (C) Hunan Pingfan Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.   Powered By Kenfor
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